Snow Predictions 2023 2024 Kentucky

Snow Predictions 2023 2024 Kentucky

Overall, Kentucky is expected to have a milder winter than usual in 2023-2024. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts normal temperatures & precipitation for the state, with some snowstorms likely – especially in the northern & eastern parts of the state.

Northern Kentucky

NOAA predicts that Northern Kentucky will see more snow than normal, with some areas receiving up to 15 inches of snow. This is why you are prepared for snowfall

Central Kentucky

This region is expected to see near-normal snowfall – with some areas receiving up to 10 inches of snow.

Eastern Kentucky

This region is also expected to see near-normal snowfall – with some areas receiving up to 12 inches of snow.

Western Kentucky

This part of Western Kentucky has a low chance of snow this winter. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) predicts that Western Kentucky may experience below normal snowfall

Overall :

  • Above average snowfall: Both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and local weather outlets like WHAS11 and WKYT are predicting an above-average snowfall for Kentucky this winter.
  • Total amount: Estimates range from 15 to 20 inches for the entire season, with most of the snow falling in the later half of winter.
  • Timing: The heaviest snowfalls are expected to occur between January and March.

Snow Predictions 2023 2024 Kentucky

Here’s a summary of the predictions :

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

  • Predicts a “winter of extremes” for Kentucky, with near-average snowfall for most areas.
  • Northern and eastern Kentucky might see slightly above average snowfall, while western and southern parts could experience slightly below average.
  • Expect snowfall events to be sporadic, with periods of warm and cold interspersed.
  • Significant snowfalls are predicted for December, January, and February, with potential for blizzard conditions in some areas.


  • Forecasts a milder-than-average winter for Kentucky, with less snow than usual.
  • Northern Kentucky might see near-average snowfall, while central and southern regions could experience significantly less.
  • Snowfall events may be infrequent, with precipitation favoring rain or freezing rain during warmer periods.
  • Early winter might bring some snow, but the bulk of snowfall could occur in late January and February.


  • Issues seasonal outlooks, not specific snowfall predictions.
  • Their winter outlook for Kentucky leans towards equal chances of above, below, or near-average temperatures and precipitation.

Top 10 Highest Snowfall Records in Kentucky

While Kentucky experiences snowfall throughout the winter months, some events stand out for their sheer volume. Here are the top 10 highest snowfall records in Kentucky history:

DateCountySnowfall (inches)Source
March 13, 1993Breathitt19.8Visit
December 23, 2004Hancock20.0Read Now
January 8, 1942Madison20.2Read Now
February 21, 1929Pulaski (tie)22.0Read Now
January 17, 1994Harrison (tie)22.0Read Now
February 7, 1998Lexington17.0Read now
December 8, 1917Louisville15.0Read Now
January 26, 1943Lexington13.4Read Now
March 5, 2015Hopkins19.0Read Now
March 5, 2015Graves16.0Read Now

Best places to see snowfall in kentucky

Here is Best Place To See Snowfall :

  • Daniel Boone National Forest: Hiking, camping, rock-climbing, hunting & more, among sandstone cliffs, lakes, rivers & trees. 4.7 star rating (Google Maps)
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park: Scenic park with a waterfall, hiking & gem mining, plus lodging, horseback riding & a fire tower. 4.7 star rating (Google Maps)
  • Red River Gorge Geological Area: Area of huge cliffs & sandstone arches carved by the Red River, with a visitor center. 4.8 star rating (Google Maps)
  • Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park: Campgrounds with a swimming pool & hiking trails, plus replica pioneer homes to tour. 4.5 star rating (Google Maps)
  • Cove Spring Park: Large area of wetlands, streams & forest with hiking trails, picnic facilities & an archery range. 4.7 star rating (Google Maps)


Snow Predictions For Kentucky 2023 2024

Here’s a breakdown of the snowfall predictions for Kentucky this winter:
1. Average snowfall in Kentucky: 13.4 inches
2. WHAS11 First Alert StormTeam: “It doesn’t appear El Niño has a significant correlation to help predict snowfall in Kentucky this year.”
3. NOAA: “Near-normal or slightly below normal snowfall”
4. WAVE 3 News: “There is a chance for some above-average snowfall events, but overall, snowfall is expected to be near normal.”
5. Chris Bailey (WKYT): “I’m leaning towards a slightly below average snowfall season for Kentucky.”



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