United States Olympic trials – Schedule – How to Watch – Ticket – History

United States Olympic trials

The U.S. Olympic Trials pick the American athletes for the Summer Olympics in various sports. They’re held every 4 years, with athletes competing for spots based on their results. Each sport has its own qualification format, with swimming using the trials solely and track & field using them alongside other events. Currently, trials for the 2024 Paris Olympics are likely ongoing.

United States Olympic Trials Schedule

Track & Field (Marathon)Orlando, FloridaFebruary 3, 2024
RowingSarasota, FloridaApril 2-7, 2024
WrestlingState College, PennsylvaniaApril 19-20, 2024
SwimmingIndianapolis, IndianaJune 15-23, 2024
DivingKnoxville, TennesseeJune 16-23, 2024
Track & FieldEugene, OregonJune 21-30, 2024

Note: The Trials for Track & Field (excluding Marathon) are still ongoing

How can I watch the United States Olympic Trials 2024

The 2024 U.S. Olympic Swim Trials start this Saturday, June 15, with competitors hitting the pool at 11 a.m. ET. You can watch the US Olympic trials on NBC – with coverage also available on Peacock. USA Network will provide same-day delayed coverage of all the qualifiers.

Here’s more details about how you can watch the United States Olympic Trials 2024 :

Swimming (June 15th-23rd):

  • Witness the culmination of qualifiers with the finals airing live on both Peacock and USA Network.
  • Peacock, NBCOlympics.com, and the NBC Sports app will be streaming the qualifying heats and semifinals live. You might also be able to catch them broadcasted on NBC, but be sure to check your local listings for confirmation.

Track & Field (June 20th-30th):

  • Don’t miss a single stride! Both Peacock and the NBC Sports app will be providing live streams of the entire US Olympic Track & Field Trials.
  • Prefer watching on the big screen? Select events will be televised on NBC.

Can you watch the olympics live on peacock without cable

Yes, you can watch the Olympics live on Peacock without cable. Here’s a step-by-step guide

1. Sign Up:

  • Go to Peacock or download the Peacock app.
  • Create an account with your email.

2. Choose a Plan:

  • Choose a Plan like Premium plan ($4.99/month) or Premium Plus ($9.99/month).

3. Download the App:

  • Install the Peacock app on your device (iOS, Android, smart TV, etc.).

Log In:

  • Open website Then log in with your account.

4. Watch the Olympics:

  • Go to the “Sports” section or search for “Olympics” to start watching live events.

2024 United States Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field

Track & Field: Tickets are still available for the Trials happening June 21st through 30th at Hayward Field in Oregon. You can purchase single-day tickets or an all-session pass directly through TrackTown USA. They offer online purchasing and phone support at 1-800-WEBFOOT (1-800-932-3668) for any questions

United States Olympic Trials Ticket Price

For the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials currently happening:

  • Single-day tickets start at $25 (plus processing fees).
  • Prices can fluctuate depending on the day and seat location.
  • The final few days are generally more expensive, with some tickets reaching $179

2024 U.S. Olympic Swim Trials schedule

DateQualifying Heats – MorningQualifying Heats – EveningFinals
Saturday, June 1511 a.m. (Peacock)6:30 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Sunday, June 1611 a.m. (Peacock)5 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Monday, June 1711 a.m. (Peacock)7 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Tuesday, June 1811 a.m. (Peacock)6 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Wednesday, June 1911 a.m. (Peacock)7 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Thursday, June 2011 a.m. (Peacock)7 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Friday, June 2111 a.m. (Peacock)5:30 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)
Saturday, June 2211 a.m. (Peacock)6:30 p.m. (USA Network)8 p.m. NBC, Peacock)
Sunday, June 23N/AN/A8 p.m. (NBC, Peacock)

US Olympic Trials History

Here is a Compleate history of US Olympic Trials :

1920Alameda, CaliforniaWesternJune 26–27
1920Manhattan Beach, New Yorkwomen’s finalJuly 10
1920Chicago, Illinoismen’s finalJuly 10–11
1924Indianapolis, IndianaBroad Ripple Park Pool (men’s)June 5–7
1924Briarcliff Manor, New YorkBriarcliff Lodge (women’s)June 7–8
1928Iowa City, IowaMidwest tryoutsFebruary 10–11
1928Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNCAA tryoutsMarch 30–31
1928Detroit, Michiganmen’s Final tryouts
1928Rockaway Playland Poolwomen’s Final tryouts
1932Cincinnati, Ohiomen’sJuly 13–16
1932Long Island, New Yorkwomen’sJuly 15–16
1936Providence, Rhode Islandmen’sJuly 10–12
1936Astoria, New Yorkwomen’sJuly 11–12
1948Detroit, MichiganJuly 8–11
1952Astoria Park, Astoria, New Yorkmen’sJuly 4–6
1952Indianapolis, Indianawomen’sJuly 4–6
1956Detroit, MichiganAugust 7–10
1960Detroit, MichiganAugust 2–5
1964Astoria, New YorkAugust 29–September 3
1968Long Beach, Californiamen’sAugust 30–September 3
1968Los Angeles, Californiawomen’sAugust 24–28
1972Chicago, IllinoisPortage ParkAugust 2–6
1976Long Beach, CaliforniaJune 16–21
1980Irvine, CaliforniaJuly 29–August 2 (rescheduled)
1984Indianapolis, IndianaIndiana University NatatoriumJune 25–30
1988Austin, TexasAugust 8–13
1992Indianapolis, IndianaIndiana University NatatoriumMarch 1–7
1996Indianapolis, IndianaIndiana University NatatoriumMarch 6–12
2000Indianapolis, IndianaIndiana University NatatoriumAugust 9–16
2004Long Beach, CaliforniaJuly 7–14
2008Omaha, NebraskaQwest Center OmahaJune 29–July 6
2012Omaha, NebraskaCenturyLink Center OmahaJune 25–July 2
2016Omaha, NebraskaCenturyLink Center OmahaJune 26–July 3
2020Omaha, NebraskaCHI Health Center OmahaJune 13–20, 2021 (rescheduled)
2024Indianapolis, IndianaLucas Oil StadiumJune 15–23

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