Top Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu 2023

In this post I will first tell you 12 best places and after that I will tell you 35 places where you must visit.

Top best Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu

12 best Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu

1. Chennai

Tamil Nadu

Best tourist place in Chennai

  1. Kapaleeshwarar Mandir (Temple )
  2. delicious South Indian cuisine And Other ..

Fact Of Chennai

  • Chennai is located on the southeastern coast of Bharat (india)
  • Population of Chennai 6,407,000 As 2023 January
  • The old name of Chennai was Madras
  • Chennai’s First Capital is Cuddalore
  • The nearest major railway station to Chennai is Chennai Central Railway Station
  • Closet airport is Chennai International Airport

2. Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram)

Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and shore temples.

Best things in Mahabalipuram

  1. Pancha Rathas
  2. The iconic Arjuna’s Penance carving.

Fact Of Mahabalipuram

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 55 km.
  • Mahabalipuram Populations is 15,172 As 2011 january
  • Mahabalipuram nearest railway station is Chengalpattu Railway Station, which is about 29 kilometers away.
  • Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport, which is around 60 km away

3. Pondicherry (Puducherry)

A former French colony with charming streets and a laid-back vibe.

tourist place in pudu

  1. Visit Auroville
  2. Promenade Beach (rm )
  3. Matrimandir
  4. Paradise sea
  5. Enjoy French cuisine.

Fact Of Pondicherry

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 165.2 km.
  • Pondicherry (Puducherry) Population is 244,337 According To January 2011
  • The nearest railway station to Pondicherry is Pondicherry Railway Station
  • The nearest major airport is Chennai International Airport. Distance Pondicherry To Chennai International Airport airport Approximately 160 km

4. Kanyakumari –

Best things in Kanyakumari

  1. Witness the confluence of three oceans
  2. Visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial
  3. Mathur Aqueduct
  4. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Fact Of Kanyakumari

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 705.3 km.
  • Kanyakumari Population: The population of Kanyakumari district is 29,761 As (2012 January )
  • Kanyakumari Location: Kanyakumari is located at southernmost where the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bengal sea meet.
  • It is part of Tamil Nadu.
  • Nearest Railway Station : The closest railway station is Kanyakumari Railway Station (KRS)
  • Nearest Airport
  • The Closet airport is TIA (Thiruvananthapuram International Airport) in Kerala, located about 90 kilometers away.

5. Rameswaram

A sacred pilgrimage site known for its Ramanathaswamy Temple and the Pamban Bridge

Best things in Rameswaram

  1. Visit Ramanathaswamy Mandir ( Temple)
  2. take a walk on the Pamban Bridge.
  3. Adam’s Bridge (Rama Setu)
  4. Dhanushkodi .
  5. Agnitheertham

Fact Of Rameswaram

  • Rameswaram population is 44,856 (2011 January )
  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 555 km.
  • Rameswaram is located in Ramanathapuram district
  • The nearest railway station is Rameswaram Railway Station
  • The nearest airport is the Madurai International Airport located in Madurai city, which is approximately 180 kilometers away from Rameswaram.

6. Madurai

Best tourist do in Madurai

  1. Explore Meenakshi Amman Temple
  2. witness the evening Aarti ceremony.
  3. Thirupparankundram
  4. Alagar Koyil

Fact Of Madurai

  • Madurai Location: Madurai City Place in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Madurai Total population Is As 2011 January ( 1,465,625,)
  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 460 km.
  • Madurai Railway Station:Madurai Railway station is Madurai Junction (also known as Madurai Railway Station)
  • Madurai Airport : Madurai airport is Madurai International Airport

7. Ooty (Udhagamandalam)

Ooty (Udhagamandalam) is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, India.

Best tourist place in Ooty

  1. ride a toy train (Recomended )
  2. Visit Botanical Gardens
  3. Enjoy the scenic beauty.

Fact Of Ooty

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 550 km.
  • Tamil Nadu. The journey from Chennai to Udhagamandalam takes around 9-10 hours by road.
  • The population of Ooty is approximately 88,430
  • Nearest Railway Station (Udhagamandalam):
  • The nearest major railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam Railway Station, which is approximately 40 kilometers away. From Mettupalayam
  • The nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore International Airport, which is approximately 88 kilometers away.

8. Kodaikanal

Another beautiful hill station known for its serene lakes and lush greenery.

Best things in Kodaikanal

  1. Visit Kodai Lake
  2. Coaker’s Walk,
  3. Berijam Lake
  4. The Pillar Rocks viewpoint.

Fact Of Kodaikanal

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 570 km.
  • Populations is 36,501 (2011 january) Click Now
  • Locations : Kodaikanal is a hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.
  • The nearest major railway station to Kodaikanal is Kodai Road Railway Station, which is located about 80 kilometers away from the hill station.
  • the closest airport to Kodaikanal with regular commercial flights is Madurai Airport, which is situated around 120 kilometers away.

9. Coimbatore

A major city known as the Manchester of South India for its textile industry

Best things in Coimbatore

  1. Visit Marudamalai Temple
  2. enjoy the local cuisine.
  3. Black Thunder Park –

Fact Of Coimbatore

  • Coimbatore is located in : state of Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 510 km.
  • population of Coimbatore 1,601,438 as 2011 january
  • Railway Station: Coimbatore Junction is the main railway station in the city
  • Airport Station: Coimbatore International Airport is the primary airport stactions .

10. Yercaud

A lesser-known hill station with a tranquil ambiance and beautiful viewpoints

Fact Of Yercaud

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 370 km.
  • populations of Yercaud 36,863 as (2001)
  • Yercaud does not have its own railway station or airport
  • The nearest railway station to Yercaud is Salem Junction, which is about 30 kilometers away
  • the nearest major airport to Yercaud is Coimbatore International Airport, which is about 190 kilometers away

11. Thanjavur

Best things to do in Thanjavur:

  1. Explore Brihadeeswarar Temple
  2. visit Thanjavur Royal Palace.
  3. Sangeetha Mahal

Fact Of Thanjavur

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 350 km.
  • Total population – Thanjavur city in (2023 january) 354,775 people.
  • The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli International Airport .It is 60 kilometers away from Thanjavu
  • Closet railway station is Thanjavur Junction station

12. Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)

A city with a blend of history and modernity, featuring the Rock Fort Temple. Click

Best things to do in Thanjavur:

  • Climb up to the Rock Fort Temple for panoramic views
  • visit Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.
  • Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
  • Kallanai Dam

Fact Of Thanjavur

  • Distance from Chennai: Approximately 320 km.
  • populations of city is 1,168,000 as 2023
  • Tiruchirappalli’s nearest railway station and airport: The nearest railway station to Tiruchirappalli is the Tiruchirappalli Junction
  • he nearest airport is the Tiruchirappalli International Airport

Top 35 Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu

Top 35 Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu
Top 35 Traveling Place in Tamil Nadu

Dindigul – Known for Dindigul locks and historical attractions.Distance from Chennai: Approximately 420 km.
Best things to do in Dindigul: Explore Dindigul Fort and taste local delicacies.

Vellore – Home to the famous Vellore Fort and a reputed medical college. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 140 km.
trip place in Vellore: Visit Vellore Fort, Golden Temple (Sripuram), and Vainu Bappu Observatory.

Tiruvannamalai – Home to the sacred Arunachaleswarar Temple and the mystical Arunachala Hill. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 190 km.
Best things to do in Tiruvannamalai: Visit Arunachaleswarar Temple and hike up Arunachala Hill for spiritual experiences.

Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) – A port city with beaches and ancient temples. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 600 km.
Best things to do in Tuticorin: Visit Our Lady of Snows Basilica and Roche Park Beach.

Coonoor – A charming hill station with tea plantations and beautiful viewpoints. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 550 km.
Best things to do in Coonoor: Take a toy train ride, visit Sim’s Park, and Dolphin’s Nose viewpoint.

Kanyakumari – The southernmost tip of mainland India, known for its unique sunrise and sunset views. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 700 km.
Best things to do in Kanyakumari: Witness the confluence of three oceans, visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue.

Vaitheeswaran Koil – A temple town famous for its healing properties and traditional medicine. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 250 km.
Best things to do in Vaitheeswaran Koil: Seek blessings at the Vaitheeswaran Temple and explore the nearby town.

Pulicat – A historic Dutch settlement and a haven for birdwatchers. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 55 km.
Best things to do in Pulicat: Birdwatching at Pulicat Lake and visit the Dutch Cemetery.

Karaikal – A coastal enclave with a mix of French and Tamil culture. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 300 km.
Best things to do in Karaikal: Visit Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple and Thirunallar Saturn Temple.

Tharangambadi (Tranquebar) – A former Danish colony with colonial-era buildings. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 275 km.
Best things to do in Tharangambadi: Visit the Dansborg Fort and the Zion Church.

Pichavaram – A beautiful mangrove forest near Chidambaram. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 220 km.
Best things to do in Pichavaram: Explore the mangrove forest with boating and enjoy nature.

Mannargudi – Known for its Rajagopalaswamy Temple and annual car festival. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 330 km.
Best things to do in Mannargudi: Visit Rajagopalaswamy Temple and explore the local culture.

Thiruvaiyaru – Famous for the Thyagaraja Aradhana music festival. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 340 km.
Best things to do in Thiruvaiyaru: Visit Thyagaraja Aradhana Mandapam and experience the music festival.

Vedanthangal – A renowned bird sanctuary with migratory birds. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 80 km.
Best things to do in Vedanthangal: Birdwatching and enjoying the serene environment.

Tiruvarur – Known for its Thyagaraja Temple and the annual chariot festival. Distance from Chennai: Approximately 310 km.
Best things to do in Tiruvarur: Visit Thyagaraja Temple and witness the chariot festival.


1. Which is the most foreign visited place in Tamil Nadu?

In 2023 most foreign came to Chennai because Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and Chennai is a great place to visit.

2. Which is the first capital of Tamil Nadu?

Chennai’s First capital is Cuddalore

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