Kolkata to Puri Road Trip A Compleate Guide 2023

Are you prepared to embark on an exhilarating escapade that amalgamates the ecstasy of traversing open roads with the allure of entrancing destinations? Strap yourself in as we take you on an ethereal voyage from Kolkata to Puri, a sojourn that guarantees scenic grandeur, cultural rendezvous, and indelible memories.

Introduction For Kolkata to Puri Road Trip A Compleate Guide

The road less traveled often leads to the most unforgettable escapades. The Kolkata to Puri road trip is an enthralling journey of India. As you traverse diverse landscapes, you shall be ensnared by the transmuting panoramas, opulent cultural tapestry, and the sheer ecstasy of exploration.

Distance from Kolkata to Puri

The road distance from Kolkata to Puri is 501 to 502 KM (310 to 340 miles) depending on the specific route you take.

Kolkata to Puri Road Trip – Route:

  • Start From Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • Take the NH16 heading southwards. You’ll pass through towns like Uluberia, Kolaghat, and Mecheda.
  • Continue on NH16 until Reach Balasore in Odisha.
  • From Balasore, take the SH9 Towards Bhadrak.
  • At Bhadrak, join NH16 again and continue southward.
  • You’ll pass through Chandikhole & Cuttack on your way to Bhubaneswar.
  • At Bhubaneswar, you can take some time to explore the city and its attractions like the Nandankanan Zoological Park, & Khandagiri-Udayagiri caves if you wish to.
  • After Explore Bhubaneswar attractions , get back on the NH16 and head towards Puri.
  • Finally, reach, Puri

Wel Ok I will Explain Step By Step

Kolkata to Puri Road Trip Route

Kolkata to Kharagpur:

  1. Distance: 120 km
  2. Kolkata to Kharagpur – drive usually takes about 2-3 hours,
  3. You have to take this NH 16 road for Kolkata to Puri Road Trip

Kharagpur to Belda:

  1. Distance: 30 km
  2. Kharagpur To Belda – drive usually takes about 1 houres – 1.5 houre,
  3. Continue on NH16 to reach Belda.

Belda to Balasore:

  1. Distance: 55 km
  2. Belda To Balasore – drive usually takes about 2 hrs -2.2 hrs,
  3. Stay on NH16 to reach Balasore.

Balasore to Bhadrak:

  1. Distance: 80 km
  2. Drive usually take Minimum 1-2 Hrs
  3. Continue on NH16 to reach Bhadrak.

Bhadrak to Chandbali:

  1. Distance: 35 km
  2. The drive usually takes about 1 hourse – 1.3 houres
  3. Take SH9 and SH57 to reach Chandbali.

Chandbali to Kendrapara:

  1. Distance: 65 km
  2. The drive usually takes about 2 hourse – 3 houres
  3. Follow SH57 and SH9 to reach Kendrapara.

Kendrapara to Puri:

  1. Distance: Approx. 95 km
  2. The drive usually takes about 3 hourse – 4 houres
  3. Take NH316 to reach Puri.

Map: Kolkata to Puri Road Trip Map

Best Views of Nature

Kolkata to Puri Road Trip A Compleate Guide 2023
Kolkata to Puri Road Trip A Compleate Guide 2023

Vidyasagar Setu : indias Most Iconic Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge), This Trip Kolkata to Puri Road Trip – offering a stunning view of the Hooghly River.

Kharagpur: Pass through Kharagpur, a town known for its educational institutions & Collage.

Belda: As you approach Belda, you encounter lush green fields and rural landscapes.

Balasore: Cross Balasore, which is near the coastline, and you might catch glimpses of the Bay of Bengal.

Chandipur: Consider taking a slight detour to Chandipur, a unique beach where the water recedes up to five kilometers during low tide, leaving behind a vast expanse of exposed beach.

Bhadrak: Continue your journey toward Bhadrak – known for its agricultural lands and scenic countryside. This Place is So Popular For Traveling

Jajpur: Jajpur is a historically significant town with many ancient temples and serene surroundings Mughal Makbara And Others .

Cuttack: Pass through Cuttack, This Place is so Popular – a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage & situated on the banks of the Mahanadi Rivers.

Puri: Finally, arrive Puri – coastal city of Puri, famous for the Jagannath Temple – And Beach

Best camping place while going from Kolkata to Puri

  • For a Kolkata to Puri road trip the best camping place along the way, the Chandrabhaga Beach near Konark.
  • Chandrabhaga Beach is 3 kilometer away from the famous Sun Temple of Konark,
  • Chandrabhaga Beach offers a serene & picturesque location for camping.

Route from Kolkata to Chandrabhaga Beach:

Kolkata to Bhubaneswar : Bhubaneswar capital city of Odisha. The distance is around 440 KM , & This Trip takes Almost 8-9 Hrs,

Bhubaneswar to Konark: From Bhubaneswar, travel towards Konark, which is about 35 KM away.

Chandrabhaga Beach : Chandrabhaga Beach is just 3 KM from the Konark Sun Temple. you can easily drive to Chandrabhaga Beach and find a suitable camping spot there.

Please note This following tips for camping:

  • Check with local tourist offices for any camping permits in the area.
  • Carry all necessary camping gear, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, & sufficient food & Watar
  • Ensure that you leave no trace and clean up after yourself to preserve .
  • Be mindful of the tides and avoid camping too close to the waterline to prevent any unexpected incidents.
  • Respect the local culture and environment, & avoid making loud noises that could disturb others or the wildlife in the areas.

Travel Tips for an Enchanting Kolkata to Puri Road Trip

  • Fuel Up and Check Your Vehicle
  • Ensure your vehicle is well-fueled and in optimal condition. Additionally, give your vehicle a thorough checking to confirm that everything is functioning smoothly, from the engine to the tires Ok And Must Store 2 Litter Fuel .

Smooth Roads Ahead, But Be Prepared

  • The majority of your route will lead you along national highways, which are typically well-maintained for a smooth driving experience. However, be prepared for the occasional patches of roadwork or uneven sections. Stay vigilant and adapt your driving as needed.

Pack Refreshments and Snacks

  • Stocked supply of drinking water & snacks is essential for a comfortable journey. Pack enough refreshments to keep everyone energized and hydrated throughout the drive. Moreover, relish the opportunity to taste local delicacies at eateries and dhabas along the way.

Cash and ATMs for Emergencies

  • While most towns and cities en route will have ATMs, it is wise to carry sufficient cash to tackle any unforeseen circumstances or toll booths. Having cash on hand ensures you can handle emergencies without any delays.

Secure Accommodations Midway

  • If you prefer breaking your journey into two delightful days, consider staying overnight in either Baleswar or Bhadrak. These places are conveniently situated midway between Kolkata and Puri,

Drive Safely and Respect Traffic Rules

  • Safety should always your Firist priority ok. Stay attentive to traffic rules and obey road signs diligently , Ensure everyone in the vehicle is wearing seat belts.

Weather Check for a Smooth Ride

  • Check the weather before Your Kolkata to Puri Road Trip .

Vehicle Documents

  • Before starting your expedition, gather all the necessary vehicle documents. Ensure you have a driving licenses, & registration papers, & insurance documents & Other Your Vehicle Card.

Tips for a Memorable Trip

  • Enhance the jubilation of your road trip with pragmatic tips and hacks. Pack essentials like a first aid kit, water, and snacks. Ensure your vehicle’s top-notch condition and, most importantly, remain open to spontaneous detours and unforeseen escapades.

Ensuring Safety

  • While the road trip promises euphoria, safety must always take precedence. Abide by traffic regulations, stay adequately hydrated, and inform someone of your travel plans. Carry a map, emergency contact details, and be prepared for any exigencies.


1: Distance from Kolkata to Puri

Ans: The road distance from Kolkata to Puri is 501 to 502 KM (310 to 340 miles) depending on the specific route you take.

2. Kolkata to Puri Road Trip Route

Ans : Start Your Trip In NH16 First Kolkata to Kharagpur Then Kharagpur to Belda Then Belda to Balasore Then Balasore to Bhadrak Then Bhadrak to Chandbali Then Chandbali to Kendrapara And Finaly Kendrapara to Puri Almost 501 KM

3. Best camping place while going from Kolkata to Puri

Ans : Chandrabhaga Beach near Konark

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The Kolkata to Puri road trip transcends mere mileage; it is an embrace of India’s soul. This expedition shall eternally linger in your reminiscences, laden with vivid panoramas, cultural encounters, and a profound bond with the nation’s diverse tapestry.



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