Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Introduction for Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable :

When it comes to crafting content, striking the perfect balance between perplexity & burstiness is paramount. In this article, ( Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable ) we embark on an exploration of the NBSTC (North Bengal State Transport Corporation) Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable , a journey that promises both convenience and reliability. Traversing the enchanting cities of India via buses holds an allure of its own.

Overview of Malda and Kolkata:

Before our odyssey commences, let us first acquaint ourselves with the two protagonists of this journey’s stage.


Malda Total Populations 5,544,495 in 2023 Jan . Total 29 Town And Total 129 Village & Total Area 13.25 km². Nestled in the northern embrace of West Bengal, Malda stands as a custodian of history’s grandeur and cultural eminence. Where the ancient Adina Mosque whispers tales of bygone eras, & the majestic Malda Fort silently guards its heritage, the city beckons history enthusiasts & curious souls alike. A picturesque paradise blessed with serene landscapes and agreeable climes awaits the discerning traveler. Wikipedia


Kolkata Total Populations 1.55 CR in 2023 jan . Total Area- 206.1 km² . As our journey’s curtain rises, the vibrant metropolis of Kolkata graces the stage, earning its epithet as the City of Joy. Amidst the storied alleys, the iconic Howrah Bridge, regal Victoria Memorial, and bustling Park Street await wanderers seeking to partake in Kolkata’s cultural feast.

Malda to Kolkata Distance

Malda to kolkata distance almost 330.1 km via NH12 . The journey time is Almost 7 hr 57 min

Routes from Malda to Kolkata

Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable
Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Malda to Kolkata via NH34 : This is the most direct route between the two cities. The buses on this route depart from Malda Town and terminate at Esplanade Bus Stand in Kolkata. The journey time is 7 HRS .

Malda to Kolkata via NH106: This route is slightly longer than the NH34 route, but it offers more scenic views. The buses on this route depart from Malda Town and terminate at Babughat Bus Stand in Kolkata. The journey time is 7hr 20 min

Malda to Kolkata via Grand Trunk Road: This route is the longest of the three routes, but it is also the most scenic. The buses on this route depart from Malda Town and terminate at Santragachi Bus Stand in Kolkata. The journey time is 7 hr 50 min.

Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

FromToTimeBus ticket price
MaldaKolkata5:00 AMDepand on Type Of bus
MaldaKolkata5:30 AMDepand on Type Of bus
MaldaKolkata6:20 AMDepand on Type Of bus
Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Types of Buses

Type Of BusTicket Price
Regular busesRs. 256
Deluxe busesRs. 350
AC Sleeper Rs. 1050

Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Ticket Price

Semi DeluxeOrdinaryAC SleeperDeluxe
300 (INR ) indian ruppes256 (INR ) indian ruppes1040 (INR ) indian ruppes350 (INR ) indian ruppes

Travel Tips

To ensure a pleasant & comfortable journey from Malda to Kolkata, here are some helpful travel tips So Craefully Read:

  • Arrive Early at the Bus Stop

It’s essential to reach the bus stop a little early to avoid any last-minute rush and ensure a smooth boarding process.

  • Carry Valid Identification

Don’t forget to carry a valid government-issued ID proof, as it will be required during ticket booking and boarding.

  • Pack Light

Traveling with minimal luggage will make your journey more comfortable and Esey,

  • Stay Hydrated and Carry Snacks

Carry a 1 litter water bottle and some light snacks

How to Book NBSTC Bus Tickets:

Visit The NBSTC Official Booking Site :

  • Click Online Booking Page.
  • Search where you want to go Like Source And Destinations
  • Select date & Time of travel and number of passengers.
  • Choose bus type like Regular buses, Deluxe buses Etc.
  • Review NBSTC bus details and click on the “Book Now” button.
  • Enter personal & payment details.
  • Click on the “Pay Now” button
  • successfully book your bus ticket
Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable
Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

NBSTC Bus Services and Facilities:

As the wheels of fate propel us forward, the embrace of comfort envelops each traveler. NBSTC’s hospitable domain is adorned with amenities that rival the palaces of ancient lore.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Echoes from the past resonate in the words of esteemed voyagers, their testimonies a melodic tribute to the quality of service bestowed by NBSTC.

The Future of NBSTC Bus Services:

As the celestial gears of technology turn, the road ahead for NBSTC unfurls with promise and potential.

Tips for a Comfortable NBSTC Bus Journey:

As the journey stretches before us, wise travelers embrace the art of comfort amidst the realm of wheels. Ponder upon the virtues of packing essentials and choosing the most befitting seat, for these simple but treasured counsel unveil the path to a serene and hassle-free NBSTC bus journey.

Safety Measures and Guidelines:

Within the sanctuary of NBSTC’s realm, the sanctuary of passengers takes precedence. Herein, sacred tenets of safety are enshrined, guiding every step to ensure a secure and tranquil pilgrimage for all souls aboard.

The Importance of NBSTC Buses:

In this epic narrative of connectivity, the role of NBSTC emerges as a central protagonist, weaving the fabric that unites the northern realms of West Bengal with the vibrant tapestry of Kolkata. Within the fleet of these chariots on wheels, affordability and accessibility intertwine, making NBSTC the epitome of choice for both local denizens and curious globetrotters. Undeniably, the corporation’s commitment to the twin pillars of passenger safety and comfort endows it with a commendable reputation.

The Convenience of NBSTC Bus Timetables:

Behold! As the sun rises on the horizon, so does the well-orchestrated symphony of NBSTC’s bus timetable. A harmonious arrangement of punctuality resonates, providing passengers with a reassuring and dependable mode of transportation. Whether you seek a fleeting dalliance with a day trip or an immersive voyage through the annals of time, the NBSTC bus timetable extends its welcoming hand, ensuring every detail is in harmony with your desires.

Finding NBSTC Bus Timetables Online:

A new age beckons, where the digital empyrean grants access to knowledge’s troves with unprecedented ease. In this epoch, the discerning voyager need not seek far and wide, for the NBSTC bus timetables lie at their fingertips. The sacred scrolls of schedules, availability, and ticket booking unfurl through the sacred rites of the official website or esteemed travel portals, enhancing the seeker’s journey to new heights of convenience.

Popular Routes and Destinations:

Beyond the realm of monotony, NBSTC’s hymn of connectivity resonates through a myriad of routes, opening gateways to scenic splendors, historical marvels, and bustling commercial hubs.

FAQs about Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

In this symposium of knowledge, inquisitive minds present their queries, and the sages of wisdom offer their replies.

1. Can I book NBSTC bus tickets in advance?

Ans: The divine scroll of NBSTC’s offerings allows the pilgrim to seize the threads of destiny in advance, be it through the celestial web or the hallowed counters of authorized emissaries.

2. Any discounts available for frequent travelers?

Ans : Fear not, for loyal devotees of NBSTC’s journey are bestowed with divine blessings in the form of discount schemes and revered loyalty programs.

3 . Can I cancel or reschedule my NBSTC bus ticket?

Ans : The guiding verses of NBSTC’s doctrine permit the devout to seek the benevolence of cancellation and rescheduling, bearing in mind the sacred tenets that govern these acts.

4. Are NBSTC buses equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity?

Ans: Lo! Some celestial chariots within NBSTC’s fleet bless their seekers with the ethereal gift of Wi-Fi connectivity, a boon for those whose thirst for knowledge transcends the realms of mere travel.

5. Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Ticket Price

Ans: Regular buses Rs. 256 , Deluxe buses Rs. 350 , AC Sleeper Rs. 1050

6. Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Ans: Malda to Kolkata Nbstc 3 bus in 1 day 1. Malda to Kolkata 5:00 AM 2. Malda to Kolkata 5:30 AM 3. Malda to Kolkata 6:20 AM

Recomended for Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable

Conclusion: for Malda to Kolkata Nbstc Bus Timetable
As our quest draws to a close, the orchestral harmony of NBSTC’s well-tempered bus timetable resounds, a sonnet of convenience and reliability. For every denizen and every seeker treading the land of West Bengal, NBSTC’s embrace offers a gateway to behold the region’s timeless allure, etching their saga into the annals of time itself.


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