Snow Predictions For sc 2024

Sc Overall Snow Forecast

  • El Niño’s influence: The return of El Niño suggests a wetter-than-average winter for SC, potentially increasing snowfall chances.
  • Higher snowfall potential: Most sources like The Old Farmer’s Almanac and local meteorologists anticipate above-normal snowfall, particularly in January and February.
  • Location matters: Higher elevations in upstate and western SC generally have a greater likelihood of seeing snow compared to the coastal areas.

Snow Predictions For Sc 2024

Here are some snow predictions for South Carolina in 2024:

  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a wet winter with above-normal precipitation and snowfall for the Southeast, including South Carolina. They expect the snowiest periods to be in late December, late January, and mid-February.
  • The National Weather Service ( NWS ) Climate Prediction Center also predicts & increased chance of above-normal precipitation for South Carolina (Sc) this winter. They say there is a 70% chance that the state’s winter precipitation totals will be in the upper one-third of historical measurements.
  • Local meteorologists are also predicting a colder than normal season in South Carolina. They say El Nino which is the warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean could bring rain & snow to the region.
  • AccuWeather: Offers hourly and extended forecasts for South Carolina, along with winter weather advisories and snow accumulation maps.

When Will it Snow in South Carolina 2024

  • December: The current forecast suggests rain will be more common in December with the highest snow chances shifting to January & February.
  • January: Some sources Predict – January might see the highest snow potential – potentially exceeding average snowfall.
  • February: Similar to Januar & February could also bring above-average snowfall chances.

Snow Predictions For sc 2024

According to the National Weather Service South Carolina is expected to see above-average snowfall this winter. The average snowfall for the state is 10 inch

The Upstate region, which includes cities like Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville, is expected to see the most snow. This region is at a higher elevation than the Coastal Plain which means it is more likely to see snow.

The Coastal Plain is also expected to see some snow, but it is not expected to be as much as the Upstate. Cities like Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia could see 5-10 inches of snow.

Breakdown of expected snowfall by region:

  • Upstate: 12-15 inches
  • Coastal Plain: 5-10 inches
  • Piedmont: 7-12 inches

Be prepared for winter weather in South Carolina

Guys Ensure you have the following supplies readily available:

  • Warm clothing
  • Snow shovel
  • Salt or sand for traction
  • Flashlight / battery-powered lantern
  • Extra batteries
  • Non-perishable food and water
  • First-aid kit

South Carolina all City Snow Prediction

Charleston0% chance of snowHigh
Columbia1% chance of snowMedium
Greenville5% chance of snowLow
Myrtle Beach0% chance of snowHigh
Spartanburg3% chance of snowLow

Snow Predictions for South Carolina in 2024

Overall Winter (Dec-Feb)Above-normal snowfall, particularly late January and mid-FebruaryThe Old Farmer’s Almanac, NOAA Climate Prediction Center
DecemberSlightly above average temperatures, increased chance of rain2023-2024 Winter Outlook for Northeastern SC and Southeastern NC
JanuaryBelow average temperatures, 70% chance of above-normal precipitation, snowiest period likely late January2023-2024 Winter Outlook for Northeastern SC and Southeastern NC, The Old Farmer’s Almanac
FebruaryColdest spell expected late January into mid-February, increased chance of above-normal precipitation2023-2024 Winter Outlook for Northeastern SC and Southeastern NC, The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Specific EventsPotential winter storm in the first week of January, with rain and snow possible across South CarolinaCharleston, SC – Winter Weather Forecasts

South Carolina Snowfall Records

Here is Sc Snowfall Records :

  • Greatest 24-hour snowfall: 24 inches in Rimini Clarendon County on February 12, 1973.
  • Greatest snowfall in one season: 19 inches in Greenville during the winter of 1970-1971.
  • Greatest snowfall in one month: 16 inches in Columbia in February 1973.
  • Greatest snowfall in one year: 17.9 inches in Columbia in 1894.

South Carolina Snow Fall History

Here is past 10 Years snow fall History 2014 to 2023 :

YearMonthly SnowfallLocationNotable Event
20230.1 inchGreenvilleTrace snowfall reported on January 24th.
20220.0 inchN/ANo recorded snowfall statewide.
20211.0 inchCaesars HeadLight snowfall reported on December 22nd.
20200.7 inchCaesars HeadTrace snowfall reported on January 10th.
20190.5 inchGreenvilleTrace snowfall reported on February 13th.
20180.0 inchN/ANo recorded snowfall statewide.
20170.3 inchCaesars HeadLight snowfall reported on March 1st.
20160.0 inchN/ANo recorded snowfall statewide.
20150.1 inchCaesars HeadTrace snowfall reported on January 27th.
20140.2 inchCaesars HeadLight snowfall reported on February 1st.


Does it Snow in South Carolina

Yes, it does snow in South Carolina, but the frequency & amount of snowfall vary significantly depending on the location.

Upstate South Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains experiences the most snowfall – averaging around 6-8 inches annually. At higher elevations above 2,000 feet the average snowfall can be as high as 12 inches. The snowiest place in South Carolina is Caesars Head which holds the state record for most snow in a single event with 28.9 inches in February 1969.

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